Modern Maids and their Duties

The modern maid in the twenty-first century typically does not live with the owner as was done in the past. Usually he or she works for a company that connects the clients with the maids, and may even drive the maid to and from the client's home. A maid's visit will last anywhere between two and six hours, depending upon the size of the home and the services that are required from the client.

The first time that a maid works for a household, he or she will do a primary thorough cleaning of the entire household that will take significantly longer than the usual visit. Many companies will actually send two maids out to the home to perform this first job, since it requires so much more attention to detail. This will include detailed scrubbing of shower tiles and floors in the bathrooms and the kitchen, which may not have been thoroughly cleaned for many years, as well as the typical maid duties.

After the first visit, a maid is generally expected to wash and vacuum all the floors, dust all of the furniture, clean the windows and mirrors, wash the counter tops, and clean the bathrooms. There are additional jobs that many maids will be willing to do if the client expresses his desire to the maid. These duties include washing, drying, and folding laundry, washing dishes, or cleaning the refrigerator. Maids are generally not expected to organize the customer's household. Rather, it is customary that the customer has picked up the household before the maid arrives such that the maid has access to the areas that need to be cleaned. However, as with any employment arrangement, the client can certainly ask that the maid pick up or organize cabinets or drawers in the home.